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If you're looking for a relationship coach,

at Amanda James Coaching, I am happy to help people

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Before meeting with Amanda I had a sense that lots of things
in my life were not as I would like them to be but had no idea how to untangle
these issues and find clarity. I hadn’t tried anything like this before and so
wasn’t sure what to expect. After having worked with Amanda , I gained insight
into all the areas of my life and was able to separate what I was happy with
and what I wanted to work on. I was given various tools to help to do this and
was directed to really insightful and helpful resources that I would have not
found on my own. The session I found really helpful was looking at the Life
wheel Balance as this helped me to know where I wanted to focus my efforts. As
a result of the sessions , I also got to know Amanda , got an insight into what
life coaching is all about and found a renewed sense of focus and clarity. To
anyone considering working with Amanda I would say definitely give it a go!
Amanda is easy to talk to , will have lots of tools and resources to help you
and you will find a new way of looking at your life and why it works / doesn’t
work for you in certain areas. There is really nothing to lose !

Christina P

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