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‘I don't know that love changes. People change. Circumstances change.’ - Nicholas Sparks

If you are struggling to decide if it's worth fighting for your relationship or if it's time to leave, and you're serious about finding that answer... I’m here to help. But let me be clear on something – you will have to put in some work.


There isn’t an overnight fix and it may be a bumpy road. I will be there to support you through this chapter of your life and help you get to your answer.

The reason you still feel confused and why you are having difficulty in making a decision is because you haven’t discovered YOUR answer yet. Your answer is the only one you can fully trust and take action on. Not what others want for you.


Your answer will be full of clarity, confidence and peace of mind that you can take action without the fear of feeling any regret.

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The Amanda James way

It starts with a free introductory call, where I get an understanding of your relationship. We look at where you are now – where you want to be – and how to get there.

My work involves coaching and looking at taking a new and different approach. I’ll show you how to use a variety of relationship tools. We will work together to get you to a decision that you can feel at peace with.

There is some good news! You don’t need to change everything. You just need to adapt how you’re approaching things at the moment and apply some new methods. Once you have made these changes you will have more information to make a decision, and you can know that you have done everything possible.

Please note: I am not a therapist or counsellor – I am a coach, and my job is to help you unpack the clutter in your mind and find clarity, helping you to move forward. I can also promise that it is completely confidential, there is no judgement and I have no agenda!

While I primarily work with women, I will happily work with men too. Together we will get to your answer, and with the tools I give you, you can take action towards your own happiness without any regret.

Find out more about me before you get in touch.

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Christina P

“Before meeting with Amanda I had a sense that lots of things in my life were not as I would like them to be but had no idea how to untangle these issues and find clarity. I hadn’t tried anything like this before and so wasn’t sure what to expect. After having worked with Amanda, I gained insight into all the areas of my life and was able to separate what I was happy with and what I wanted to work on. I was given various tools to help to do this and was directed to really insightful and helpful resources that I would have not found on my own. The session I found really helpful was looking at the Life wheel Balance as this helped me to know where I wanted to focus my efforts. As a result of the sessions, I also got to know Amanda, got an insight into what life coaching is all about and found a renewed sense of focus and clarity. To anyone considering working with Amanda, I would say definitely give it a go! Amanda is easy to talk to, will have lots of tools and resources to help you and you will find a new way of looking at your life and why it works / doesn’t work for you in certain areas. There is really nothing to lose!”



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